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The VETWAYS team has published a second research brief.

This report is focused on the influence of university student service member and veteran social support networks—the people with whom students exchange personal, academic, or career  advice and reassurances—on feelings of campus belonging or “fit.” The study is centered on those in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical (STEMM) majors, a group of students with the potential to broaden and strengthen the scientific workforce. 

Survey findings show that larger support networks including students and educators are positively linked to campus belonging, while interviewees describe how student friendships, faculty care, and campus veteran support contribute to of a sense of belonging in their daily lives. Results reconfirm the importance of social support among these students and suggest that university service providers looking to support them should actively and purposefully encourage social ties with fellow students, staff, and faculty members.

See more news on the report here

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